Why I Over-Engineer My Blog

For every hour I spend writing I spend six building this website.

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Truth is, this blog could very well be built with a few static HTML pages and it would still bring the same value to readers.

But getting thoughts out there and sharing knowledge aren't the only goals of alexnault.dev.

Like most personal projects, it's an opportunity for playing around with ideas, technologies, and patterns.

"Learning by doing" is my go-to strategy for proper knowledge retention. And I chose this website as a playground for it.

While I am thankful to my employer for cultivating an environment that promotes learning and quality work, this website allows me to learn at a more relaxed pace and without constraint.

There's this myriad of new tools available to us every day as developers. For someone that loves trying new stuff like me, this is all very exciting!

So yes. I like writing, but I like engineering more. And right now, I am holding myself back so that I can finally write this post.

Anyway, stay curious and keep learning!

Alex Nault
By Alex Nault
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